To end abortion among black women in Louisiana.


Louisiana Black Advocates for Life seeks to encourage the meaningful participation of members of the Black community in the process of building and maintaining a culture of life in the State of Louisiana. We aim to reduce the high rate of abortion among Black women through providing empowering education, access to tangible resources, and cultivation of community support networks. Through cultivating partnerships with churches, schools, community groups, and the people of Louisiana, we will build a movement that will strengthen the Louisiana black community for life.


Louisiana Black Advocates for Life is an initiative formed to address the unacceptably high rate of abortion in the black community of Louisiana. Our objectives are to provide information, conduct outreach to all parts of the state, identify challenges for women in crisis pregnancy situations, help strengthen support networks, and work with our local and state lawmakers to produce policies that protect life. We believe that given the tools to make life-affirming choices, women and men around our state will choose life for their unborn babies. Our primary goal is to reduce, and ultimately end, abortion in the black community.

We thank you for visiting our website and know that you are not here by accident. Your participation in our mission is critical to the future of our state population and to the work of the movement for justice for the unborn.

* Louisiana Black Advocates for Life is an initiative of the Louisiana Right to Life Educational Committee, Inc., a 501c3 organization.



KATHY ALLEN of Louisiana Black Advocates for Life

Dr. Kathy Allen is state director for Louisiana Black Advocates for Life.

Dr. Kathy Allen is an advocate for social justice, both personally and professionally. She serves as the Director for Louisiana Black Advocates for Life, an initiative designed to increase the meaningful participation of the Black community in pro-life advocacy and decrease the rate of abortion among Black women.

Kathy is a native of New Orleans, where as a graduate student she did research as well as grassroots advocacy outreach work in the industrial corridor between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. Kathy taught social policy courses at Smith College in Northampton, MA, and completed doctoral research on the potential for socially just economic development in Louisiana. She has served as director of an agency providing resources and referrals for people with disabilities and their families, where she developed and obtained funding for several projects focused on providing practical and moral support to family members of individuals with disabilities.

As the parent of a child with Down syndrome, Kathy understands well that every life is precious. She believes that every person in a socially just society has the right to a life in which God-given gifts and talents can be contributed to the community. She believes this right begins in the womb.

Kathy earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science from the University of New Orleans, and a Master of Arts degree and Ph.D. in Social Policy from Brandeis University in Massachusetts. She continues to support her community as a development consultant and grant writer. She and her son Joshua reside in Opelousas.



Rev. Corey Hicks is New Orleans director for Louisiana Black Advocates for Life.

Rev. Corey Hicks is New Orleans Director for Louisiana Black Advocates for Life. He is a native of New Orleans – he was raised in the lower Ninth Ward, and he witnessed the rawness of the streets first hand. Through that he became a strong advocate for the black community.

Corey graduated from St. Augustine High School then went to Xavier University to study engineering. But his career path changed, and he eventually received an associate’s degree in Biblical Studies from the School of Urban Missions, where he was also on staff for a period, and a bachelor’s degree in Missions from City Vision University.

For the past 15 years Corey has served in the ministry, working with youth in church settings as well as on school campuses through Youth for Christ/Campus Life Ministries. He also worked as a high school campus missionary with Next Generation, a cutting edge outreach to over 26 public high schools, and he led seven evangelistic clubs on six different campuses in the Greater New Orleans area. He is also involved in the music industry as an artist and CEO of Longevity Music, a Christian record label.

As New Orleans Director for Louisiana Black Advocates for Life, Corey brings a unique male perspective to the problem of abortion in the black community. In serving New Orleans in this role, he is advocating one of the top priorities on God’s heart, to “have and enjoy life, and have it in abundance” (John 10:10).

“Abortion is one piece to His puzzle of fulfilling His task at hand. On the other hand, Jesus has a goal of creating life and making that life full and overflowing in abundance. As the Black Advocates New Orleans Director, I get to help Jesus with Phase 1, which happens to be creating life before it is stolen, killed, and destroyed,” said Corey, who has a huge heart for the city and is excited to be able to educate others that abortion is the most devastating blow being dealt to the black community.

Corey and his wife, Nicole, have three sons and two daughters.


GREG AND KIM BANKS, Louisiana Black Advocates for Life

Greg and Kim Banks are Co-Lead Coordinators for Black Advocates of Northwest Louisiana.

Greg Banks Sr. and his wife, Kim Banks, are Louisiana Black Advocates for Life’s co-lead coordinators for Black Advocates of Northwest Louisiana. The couple have three adult biological children, two young foster children, and one young granddaughter.

Greg, a former U.S. Marine, is a former pastor of a church in Lodi, Texas, and currently serves on the security team at Word of God Ministries in Shreveport. Kim served for more than 18 years as a pregnancy center director in Texarkana, Texas, and for four years as resource development director for a pregnancy center in Shreveport. She now serves on the worship team at Word of God Ministries and is director of members.

Greg and Kim have dedicated their lives to educating African Americans on the high rate of abortion in the African American community, and they have actively recruited African Americans to become adoptive and foster families. They have traveled with African American pro-life leaders to several states and events, including the Pro-Life Freedom Ride from Alabama to Dr. Martin Luthe

r King Jr. Center in Atlanta, and served as keynote speakers for the annual Louisiana Life March in Shreveport. They have also served as speakers at the National Right To Life Conference in Washington, D.C., and collaborated with pro-life African American leaders in our nation’s capital; partnered with Right To Life of Little Rock, Ark; attended Care Net Urban Outreach Conference in Dallas; and conducted numerous radio and talk show interviews, among other activities.

They are the founders of Daylight Christian Ministries, a community outreach ministry.



Loretha Green is Lead Coordinator for Black Advocates of Southwest Louisiana.

Loretha Green is Louisiana Black Advocates for Life’s co-lead coordinator for Black Advocates of Southwest Louisiana. She is a native and resident of Lake Charles, where she attended Washington Marion Magnet High School.

She is founder of Single Mothers of America Inc., and is a dedicated mother of six children, having devoted her life to make sure they have better opportunities in life. She is passionate when it comes to empowering other single moms facing the same challenges she had to face, and she truly believes this is her life’s mission.

Loretha has been a volunteer for New Life Counseling Center in Lake Charles. She also worked and volunteered at The Women’s Help Center in Baton Rouge, where she was an Advocate for Life, counseling and encouraging women in crisis pregnancies.

Loretha graduated summa cum laude in theology from Life Christian University. She is a member of Living Word Christian Center in Lake Charles and enjoys walking, reading, writing, and long drives.